Which would be more soluble in water; 3-methyl but-1-ene or propan-1-ol? And why?

Does a molecule having a methyl/ethyl group or a side chain in general make it more soluble?

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  • Mike A
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    1 year ago
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    The OH group is polar and this results in 1-propanol being miscible with water in all proportions. Alcohols with up to 3 carbon atoms are all miscible with water in all proportions. Solubility falls off rapidly as the number of carbon atoms increases and branched alcohols are more soluble than straight chain. ie solubility order: tert.>sec>primary.

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    Propanol solubility....

    Propanol is miscible with water. In addition to it being polar and mixing with water which is also polar, the alcohol and water can form hydrogen bonds.

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