What should the cost of the grocery bill be for a male with high metabolism and is vegan?

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  • 1 year ago
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    "What should the cost of the grocery bill be for a male with high metabolism and is vegan?"

    What the cost of the strict vegetarian diet for a male who's a vegan, will depend on what's bought. It can range from fairly inexpensive, easily from under eighty U.S. dollars, and up. There also a number of prepackaged foods that are calorie dense, that you can buy, that aren't expensive. The only drawback to many of those, is that they're either high in sodium, or high in sugars. However as stated the costs will depend on where you shop at, and your preferences.

  • 11 months ago

    2 and a half $,at a day.

  • 11 months ago

    You should try spending under $150-330 on a budget for the month on vegan foods and drinks.

  • You could live on beans, rice, peanut butter and frozen veggies for a couple bucks a day.

    You can buy pre-made foods and organic vegetables and drop $25 a day.

    And everything in between.

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  • KTJoe
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    1 year ago

    Reason for high metabolism body is screaming for meats, poultry and fish wonder why young males are into the skinny look. Anyway answering question around $300.00 buying all fresh eating buckets full of rabbit food.

  • Janet
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    1 year ago

    vegetables are very expensive

    but you will get your protein by cooking up dried legumes and eating them with rice, and that is cheaper than meat

    So it should work out to about the same.

    Why do you say you have a high metabolism? Usually these assumptions are incorrect. Metabolism is HIGHLY dependent on WHAT you eat, WHEN you eat, and on how much you exercise.

    this site will tell you how many calories a day your body requires:


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