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can i put any graphics card in my computer? 10 points?

my 2008 imac’s graphics card is a radeon 2600 which is old and bad and it uses Pcl express so i was wondering could i put any new graphics card that fits? (all imac graphic cards even new ones) would fit. i want to put a really powerful radeon like in new macs, can i do this? do i have to upgrade the power supply

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  • Pearl
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    5 months ago
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    i would just try it and see and then you'll know if you can do it or not

  • Rayal
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    5 months ago

    I got an older imac and tried to fix something and broke wires inside taking the display off. Every year of Imac seems to have different instructions and ways of dismantling it. Opening an Imac is not a job for the faint hearted.

    If you can find one that fits and is more powerful and has the mac drivers you need and you can get it installed go for it. But remember it is easy to destroy in the process. So many tiny wires and connections.

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      i opened my computer before to install a new hard drive

  • Lv 7
    5 months ago

    you can only use graphics cards for which you have drivers available for your specific computer, and only as long as it doesn't require extra power connectors which your computer doesn't have.

    honestly, Macs are NOT designed to be upgraded (ever). they are very strictly vetted with their specific hardware to work well only with that hardware. changing one thing will likely not do as well as you are hoping, and you'd be better off just getting a new PC with all you'd have to upgrade. sorry.

  • P
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    5 months ago

    Unfortunately the iMac uses a custom graphics card and the process to replace it is horrendous (check youtube) so you would run into major problems even finding one that works. Getting a worthwhile upgrade to work would be almost impossible with a very high probability you will destroy your iMac attempting it. It is what it is. The iMac doesn't have a normal PCI express slot to put anything standard in.

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  • 5 months ago

    To work, you will need a PCI card that is compatible with iMacs. You also have to be sure you get one that is the right size for that model of computer. Unless Apple (or someone out there) has coded driver software, you won't be able to use a radeon or any other video processor foreign to the iMac. To know if you need to upgrade the power supply, you'll have to add up the power draw from all the components, including any new video card.

    My guess is that it would be a mistake to put a high end video card in an older model of computer because the system bus and other components won't be able to keep up with it.

    • Fulano
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      He just said no, your main problem is drivers. I looked into it for my iMac and in it's case the video card also needs an Apple BIOS flashed to it, which I suspect would be the case for your computer.

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