Take an empty soda can, notice the mass and volume of the can. Now crush the can by stepping on it?

notice the mass and volume of the crushed can. Explain how each of the following changed during this process.

(using a scale or water displacement as a guide may be helpful)




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    6 months ago
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    Well, the mass should be unaffected, because you haven't added or removed any material. The volume has decreased, which means the density should have increased.

    • pisgahchemist
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      The density of aluminum is unaffected by the crushing of the can. The density of the can HAS NOT increased.

  • 6 months ago

    Crushed soda can .....

    All you are talking about is a quantity of aluminum, regardless of the shape it takes. Crushed or not, the mass, volume of the metal and density of the metal are unchanged.

    If you placed an empty, uncrushed soda can in water, and an identical crushed can in water they will both displace the same amount of water indicating that the volume of metal is unchanged, and the density of the metal is unchanged (D = m / V).

    Billrussel42 is correct, electron1 is wrong. Electon1 is confusing the volume of the empty space in the can with the volume of the metal can itself.

  • 6 months ago

    When the can is crushed, the mass does not change. The volume of the can does decrease.

    Density = Mass ÷ Volume

    According to this equation, the density will increase.

  • 6 months ago

    mass does not change

    volume decreases if you include the inside of the can

    volume of the can itself does not change

    density of the can, including the inside, decreases

    density of the can itself does not change.

    • billrussell42
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      The volume of the can, taken as the material used to construct the can, does not change. the volume of the can, including the inside of the can, does change.

      If you measured the volume by the water displacement, it will read the same, crushed or not.

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