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Is my cat hurting my kitten or playing?

Hey guys so my 10 month / 9 month male neutered cat has been playing with my new female kitty. He’s been playing with her cause he isn’t hissing or growling. Our female kitty loves to play but after awhile she hides. He playfully jumps at her and playfully types of bites but she meows some times and I think it hurts her which scared me. Is he showing dominance or something or does he not like her??

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  • Casey
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    5 months ago
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    as long as they aren't hissing/growling they are probably fine. Cats like to play rough sometimes. Playbites are normal too. I would discourage them from being too rough, but they probably are just playing.

    Though it depends on the KIND of meow: Examples of angry meows

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  • 5 months ago

    cats can be very mean. MAke sure there are places for her to hide when she has had enough.

    HAve you never got into a fight with a sibling and when you were finished playing, they weren't? Its kinda like that.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Cats sometimes play rough, kittens don’t hold ack always, they winder CHOMP??? And when they do the other kitten screams and runs. They now know chomp isn’t nice so hey don’t use it again unless fighting. That is why it’s so important to leave kittens and pups with momma to teach them things like bite inhibition and they learn not to go fullout whenplaying or Omar gives them a taste of their bullying, in either case they usually dot try again except when they get over excited and carried away.

    The items are not hissing or spitting, yowling at each other so they are just playing rough, pushing the other to see what their boundaries are.

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