Why do democrats get upset when i point out the fact that they were the party of slavery? just because you guys fought for slavery in the?

past, doesn't man you are fighting for slavery now right?
Update: ANON- actually Northern democrats called for Abraham Lincoln to be assassinated, and those calls came true.
Update 2: ocul- democrats invoke states rights today.......even when they violate federal laws.......sanctuary state/cities are a perfect example of this.
Update 3: Stephen- today's "liberal/conservative" didn't exist back then.......nice try though.
Update 4: ANON- i know lots of non whites who vote republican.........democrats call them names like "race traitor, uncle tom". and etc.
Update 5: David- you will not find one republican in the south who supported slavery, or owned a slave........i dare you to give me a link to one.
Update 6: ANON- i would be a democrat if this was 1850? why would i join a party that hates America, and wages a civil war against America?........in fact that sounds like your democrat party today......the more things change the more they stay the same right?
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