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Does laser hair removal gets rid of a dark shadow on upper lip?

Ok so I’m a girl. Who had a mustache in high school, when I first started high school someone pointed out and I was obviously super embarrassed, my only solution was shaving it off which for the first couples of months it worked but then I started noticing I was getting a dark shadow on my upper lip which is by far way more embarrassing. I was wondering if laser hair removal will take the dark shadow away?, and if not what can I do to get rid of this one?

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    Yes, laser hair removal will kill the hair follicles eventually and get rid of the dark shadow. You will need several; treatments over several months because of the life-cycle of hairs. Laser treatments offer the only long-term solution but can be expensive.

    You can buy a genuine laser device for use at home (NOT the same as the IPL devices - you need a genuine laser device) though they are only a fraction of the power of the professional lasers used by trained beauticians. For reliable results, it is best to see a professional.

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