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HELP - Telling my parents I failed a class and will graduate late?

I just finished my final year studying a degree in Architecture.

My graduation was meant to be the 15 July 2019, but yesterday I found out I had failed a class, now to be reassessed in August, moving graduation to November.

Basically, one module is split in terms of marking - youre marked separately on design of building, and construction of building. You must pass both to pass the module. I failed construction. Now I must redo construction for marking in August. Three other friends on the course are in the same boat, which makes me feel a bit positive (knowing we will all graduate together in November).

But now I’m really down and embarrassed, i know my parents hold me in high regard and will be disappointed. I just don’t know how to tell them I struggled at uni in this way. Uni also really affected my mental health with depressive symptoms and anxiety. It hit my self confidence pretty hard.

If you studied architecture or a similar degree you can appreciate that this delay is a big deal - I need a year working in industry before I can move on to a Masters. Now that I’m graduating late, the possibility of finding a job in time is uncertain - it may be that all the jobs get taken before I’ve even got my results, in which case I’ll need to find something to do until I can find one. This then delays how soon I can start a masters programme. Bearing in mind it already takes 7 years minimum to qualify as an architect, the thought of adding more years onto this is unpleasant.

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    You simply step up & tell the truth - your graduation is delayed.

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    Just be honest, and promise to work harder next time. Don't make excuses like a child, and they will respect you and your honesty.

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    If I'm understanding you correctly, you won't be a licensed architect whether you graduate in July or November. So you'll still be doing the same job. Just, perhaps, a tiny bit later, since you can begin in late August/September when your module is finished, instead of late July.

    So apply for jobs now, giving your expected graduation date as November. You can still begin the job in late August/September, right after you re-sit your construction assessment. It's only a bit later than a July grad.

    Businesses don't run on a fixed academic schedule. They hire when they need people, not when school lets out. Say in your cover letter than you expect to graduate in November, but are available to begin working in late August.

    Regarding telling your parents, just tell them. Right now. If they give you a hard time, say something to the effect of "let's pretend I already feel terrible about it, and that you don't need to rub it in any more."

    Most importantly, talk to your instructor and ask to see your construction module marks, so you can find out where you went wrong and improve this time around.

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    5 months ago

    You are probably going to fail that class again this time as well

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