Do Japanese car rentals allow you to rent/return in different cities?

I'm considering renting a car in Yamagata city, driving it to Yamadera and Ginzan Onsen, then driving to Akita city the next day and returning it there. There are several businesses (like Nippon Rent-A-Car) that have locations in both cities.

Is this something that would be allowed? Would there be an extra fee?

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  • 5 months ago
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    YES it allowed.

    Are there extra FEES? YES.

    ●Drop-off fees vary depending upon distance and vehicle type.

    ●Please ask specific one-way fee at the time of reservation.


    *One-way rentals are not available at some rental locations due to location, environment next reservations, vehicle type selected, and other reasons.

    *One-way rentals are not available to locations on outlying islands such as Sadogashima, Tanegashima, Yakushima, Okinawa-Honto, Ishigakijima and Miyakojima.

  • 5 months ago

    Yes, it would be allowed. Maybe.

    If it is allowed there will be an extra fee.

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