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My mom has no sense of humor? WTF?

I try to be jokey with my mom on social media and respond to things she posts in a jovial way, like I would with anyone else's photos.

But she's just extremely serious and answers my comments with dry tact.

I rarely comment on anything because of this and I've stopped interacting with her online since she can't take a joke (and it's nothing offensive, just comments about food or things going on in the neighborhood she posts.)

I don't want to be rude and say "what the ff can't you take a joke!!!" What could her problem be that she's so serious about things?

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    Sarcasm can be hard to convey online. Are you using emojis? Does she get them? I would just say, "do you not realize that I am being sarcastic?"

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  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    shes just a serious person

  • drip
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    5 months ago

    Then stop joking with her. Maybe she isn’t comfortable on social media. Sometimes it is hard to tell what a person’s intent is by a few typed lines.

    In person, and as you were growing up did she have a sense of humor?

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  • tony
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    5 months ago

    takes everything literally.Some people on the autism spectrum , e.g. Asperger’s, take everything can get extremely annoying.I don't really care? They can exist humourless and I can keep being my hilarious self. It doesn't impact my life.tell her laughter is just like a medicine, it heals of bitterness

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    Some parents are like that

  • 5 months ago

    Yeah, some parents are like that. They don't feel like to admit.

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