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How is Leicester like?

I always hear that it’s a nice, small vibrant city full of students..... then I never been there

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    It is impossible to say Leicester is like .... You cannot simply sum up a city of 750 sq km with a population of 836,000 people which has a large diversity of ethnic groups and a significant transient population because of its two universities. It is a diverse as anywhere else. Its architecture will vary. It has a history going back millennia as it is one of our oldest cities. Its population will vary from obscenely rich to the destitute homeless. Some areas will be pleasing to some eyes and others will not. Some areas will be deemed very safe and others perhaps best avoided. There is simply no way you can sum up anywhere in a word or phrase.

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    I'm very interested to read these answers. My great grandfather 8X removed came from Leicester to the colonies in 1702. So Leicester is where my family roots are.

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