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Two house sparrow eggs found! Not cracked. Help.?

i found two house sparrow eggs that fell from their nest in a storm, they aren’t cracked or harmer at all, and the eggs that did break were still yolks so they weren’t alive just yet. i made an incubator (found it online) and have had them in there for a week so far. they seemed to have changed a bit but nothing huge yet. how do i tell if they’re alive? should i give up on them? help :(

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    Don't jump ship just yet, 2 full weeks should be time to hatch. No sign of life after 3 weeks, something is wrong. Likely infertile.

    If they do hatch, then the challenge of feeding for at least another two weeks before fledgling.

    Perhaps brush up on your sparrow rehab skills.

  • zeno
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    5 months ago

    Take them to the zoo as some help birds and


  • 5 months ago

    If the broken eggs were fertile, there would have been embryos inside. Eggs with no visible growth in the broken yolk are not going to turn into baby birds. Since the broken eggs were infertile, there is the strong possibility that the remaining intact eggs are also infertile, meaning no baby birds will grow or hatch. In my opinion you would be wasting your time trying to hatch these eggs unless you have an experienced person look at them and test them to see if they are fertilized.

    • Jasmine5 months agoReport

      Well idk what to call it, it wasn’t like chicken yolks but it wasn’t a full baby bird yet. i otherwise don’t know how to describe it.

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