Sharp abdominal pain, and feeling tender. What could be wrong?

Hi ! five days ago, my day started out normal. I had an ortho appointment just to get fillings done. When I finished, my mom drove me home. On the way home, out of nowhere, this very sharp pain hits me in the lower right side of my abdomen. This pain lasted for about a minute and then just went away. Ever since then, I have been having a very dull pain on that side, and at times, I get random jolts of dull sharpness. After the pain on the right lower side, I also began getting pain right below my rib cage or right above my belly button. This may just be in my head, but I think the pain sometimes travels to my left side, and on my back on the lower right side. Keep in mind, this pain started five days ago, and I haven t felt the same very sharp pain like I did in the car ride. I still had an appetite when the pain began, but after a while (two days ago) I haven t had much of an appetite anymore. I did have a doctors appointment today for something completely different, which was a UTI, and turns out I still have one. I did tell her about the pain in my stomach, and after she felt around and put pressure, she said it could be my diet and constipated. She asked me if I was sexually active, and of course my mom was in there so I had to lie and say i wasnt. If it is important to note, I am indeed sexually active, but we always use condoms. I am not on any other form of birth control, so I know there are still risks, but we have not had a problem with it breaking or slipping off.


I havent been feeling sick, and i havent vomited. The pain just started out of nowhere, and hasn't gone away. I felt a little helpless after seeing the doctor because i didnt get much of an answer. Its been 7 days since the start of the pains. I should note, the pain started three days after i had PROTECTED intercourse. I am 18 years old, and 5'3 inches if that is important to add. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking the worst for my health, and i need any form of relief.

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  • k w
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Better write that all down while it remains relatively fresh in your memory, you may need to recall it to a specialist in the future......hope not, but best be prepared.....

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