mold! the home i live in has mold and i m not sure how to prevent it or where to start. how do i prevent mold form spreading, and form?

ever coming back? what is the best way?

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    5 months ago

    Bad circulation of air, maybe from to much furniture. Open windows when you can to circulate dryer air. Humidity from cooking, always vent or use an extractor fan. When it's cold make sure there's enough heating, cold walls make most air condensate. Don't use radiators to dry clothing. When bathing or showering close the bathroom door and when you leave open the window but keep the door closed. Use diluted bleach to remove mould or preparatory mold treatment.

  • Heike
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    5 months ago

    Bad ventilation usually causes mould.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    hire a mold testing company, a different company to clean it

  • 5 months ago

    2 routes,DYI,

    hire someone else,

    test for mold,,get an inspector,a pro whom your local experienced RE guy could refer you to.or buy a test kit from an everything big box hardware store.

    set the mold test kits in several house rooms,let sit a week,

    send to the lab,wait for results,important to get a place that COUNTS the critters each sq CM,, giving the volumes of the mold in the inside air. not merely their generic assessment,,,,,' within EPA limits,not deemed

    unhealthy' get the count.

    mold thrives in dark moisture from leaking pipes inside,pipes feeding the house,craw spaces underneath,rotting wood,leaky bathtub drain,behind walls,in the fridge motor area,or spreading from the fridge.

    what kills it?,,air, UV light,high heat,man made mold & fungii killers.

    lysol B room disinfectant,bleach,KILLZ kills mold when used before or as a primer ( smells nassty)

    as a diy, having seen to all leaks,drainage pipes being clear,not soaked spots at the bldg base,get sunlamps,,3 or 4,a dehumidifier, a shop vac,with a concentrator nozzle,tape it w ducktape securely to the hose,tape the hose securely to the bLOW exhaust,inside the hose & the vac tank should be soap & water clean & dry,

    use a bottle of ten oz capacity with a coke bottle size neck,fill with warm water,about a quarter full, spray a lot of the lysol into the bottle,use a windex spray stem to stick in the bottle,hold thumb partly to cover the bottle neck,

    it works like old time bug sprayers you had to push the syringe,

    aim the vac nozzle across the coke size bottle neck so that a fine mist fills the room,spray each room until they are all fogged up,close all doors,leave sit for a few hours,,treat twice a week,using the dehumdifier to dry the place out,and sunlamps turn them on,spray the worst areas with extra misting.

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  • Edwena
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    5 months ago

    You have to get rid of the water source that is causing the mold. Then cleaning up the mess is relatively easy. It may be very hard and expensive to eliminate the water source. For example, it could be caused by low quality siding on a mobile home is allowing rain to penetrate into the insulation causing mold at locations where the roof drains. So, you spend a lot of money fixing the roof and it doesn't solve the problem because it is the siding. Being able to solve such problems could exceed what most people can do.

  • 5 months ago

    Hire a mold remediation company.

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