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Pigeon egg on my balcony is not being warmed up enough. Help.?

A pigeon built a nest on my balcony and laid an egg two days ago. It sat on the egg during the day but I just noticed that the pigeon is gone and it is night time. I've read that the male and the female pigeon are supposed to take shifts warming up the egg but they're not doing it. I'm afraid it will grow cold and die. What should I do?

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    Let nature take it's course.

    It may be that the egg is not fertile and that is why it has been abandoned.

    If the parents are not going to look after it, are you planning to get an incubator, turn the egg several times a day, research the proper food for a chick (if the egg ever hatches) then feed the chick every 2 hours from dawn to dusk until it is capable of feeding itself?

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    How can you even tell. I think I can assure you the egg won't get too cold. Mama will see to that.

    It is not uncommon for birds to abandon, or even eat an infertile egg.

    Trust me,,all is fine.

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    Go out and grab it and make a mini omlet with it.

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    You are not a pigeon.

    You are a very weird person.

    You can't do anything about a pigeon egg stupid.

    This is a funny question to be asking, I'm wondering if you're just trying to be troll.

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