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Why are some people do photogenic in pictures and some aren’t?

Why do some people look better in pictures than in real life and some look better in real life than in pictures

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  • keerok
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    5 months ago

    For those who look better in pictures than in real life, credit the photographer.

    For those who look better in real life than in pictures, blame the photographer.

  • Frank
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    5 months ago

    There is not one single answer to this question. I suppose that if you wanted to, you could just say that it's the photographer's ability, or lack thereof, to produce an image that makes the subject look attractive. But how?

    Well, for one thing, the lighting on the subject can induce a mood or a feeling such as up lighting. Lighting can hide unwanted features of the human body, while at the same time accentuating the good ones.

    Lenses play a huge part in making people look good or bad. Take smartphones, for example, which all use wide-angle lenses. Wide lenses produce distortion that makes items close to the lens look much larger than things further away. Even when the items are relatively close like the nose relative to the rest of the face is far enough away to make the nose, along with the chin and forehead, to look bulbous and out of proportion. Here's a link showing how an otherwise attractive woman can be made to look rather ugly simply by using a wide-angle lens: For reference, smartphones use lenses close to the 24mm position in this link. Notice that once the photographer started using longer lenses in the 85mm-200mm range, the model's face became much more beautiful. Probably the #1 reason why people think that they look ugly in photos is because they're using a smartphone which uses a wide-angle lens.

    A few years ago I took a portrait of a very attractive, but very overweight young lady. She had never had her photo taken with anything other than a smartphone. The wide lens in a smartphone widened her body and made her look even bigger, not to mention it distorted her facial features. When she saw the image I took of her using a portrait lens, she literally cried and said that she never knew how beautiful she was.

  • John
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    I don't know why, but thin models with sharply cut facial features tend to look better in photos than in person. Its often the opposite for average size models with rounder facial features.

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  • Anonymous
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    It is just a fluke. I've known people who were ordinary in person but who just looked good in photographs, and vice versa.

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    Light, make up, angle of the shot, etc. Lots of reasons.

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      @John P. Yes, the category is photography, dipstick.

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