Dermatology botox procedure. Provider is insurance selective?

My husbands insurance approved a derm consultation for botox treatment for his super severe palmar hyperhidrosis.. the Derm told him he will not do the procedure because he will lose money but will do it we paid out of pocket (self-pay) why would we do that if we have insurance and they approved it? I work w/ pcp and we cant even make pts with insurance do a self-pay because its against the law. U have insurance then we have to bill the insurance. Thoughts? What should we do? Call the medical board?

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  • 1 year ago

    Start with your insurance company and see if this doctor is breaching his network agreement.

    If that doesn't work, head to your state's insurance commissioner.

    Or you can find a dermatologist that will accept the insurance.

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    • A Hunch
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      Great! I had a similar incident with Blue Shield of California. A doctor wouldn't take my high deductible plan even thought they were a network provider. The state kept punting between insurance commissioner and consumer affairs. BSCA gave a tiny slap on the wrist.

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