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My friend’s right leg is having an extremely painful experience after a fall. What should I do?

She tripped on something then after the fall, she can’t move her right leg properly and everytime she does, she experiences serious pain. It’s extremely challenging for her to move with that pain. What should I do? Should I bring her immediately to the doctor? (and how do you suggest I bring her because she can barely move) :(

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  • Carson
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    12 months ago

    Yeah, go to a Dr. Her leg may be broken. No one can tell you on here. If it has bruising, swelling, a deformity go to the ER.

    If she can take OTC pain meds give her two 500mg Tylenol and 2 200mg ibuprofen at the same time. That is the protocol for injury in the military now.

    It's one leg. On the injury side get under her arm, put it across your shoulders and get her to the car or a cab.

    If you can't do that call your emergency number ie 911 and get an ambulance.

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