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How long does it take to become a PA?

I am a sophomore and was planning on going to med school, but I have changed routes because I would like to have kids when I am about 25-28 years old. I want to be a physicians assistant, and I can get my pre requisites over by my senior year because it is similar to the pre med. do I need experience in the workforce after I get my bachelors degree to get into most PA schools? I know CRNAs have to, and I want to get my bachelors and my PA witching 8 years

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    You need 2000 hours of "clinical experience" prior to applying to a PA a program. Most candidates do that in a full-time job for a year after they graduate from college with their BA/BS degree. The PA program then takes 2-3 years back in school. Finally, you have to pass the certification exam before you can practice. You can look this up on the website of any university that offers a PA program.

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    At least 7 years. That is assuming 4 years for a bachelors degree. Often it takes longer than 4 years to earn a bachelors degree.

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