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Is it possible to find new people/friends and improve my social image?

I’m 26 F I have Asperger’s syndrome. This and severe anxiety, and inattention problems has interfered with my life and I’m late to the full grown up life- finishing college timely, getting a license to drive timely, moving out of my family's house timely, getting a job to support myself timely. I’m working on al these things and I’ve accomplished a lot more within the last couple of years, but since I became a legal adult I’ve been made to feel ashamed, ridiculed, and abandoned from potential friends because of these factors that determine my worth as a person. The thing is, I’ve never told any of my peers or friends that I have a disability, sometimes I’m even in denial myself because in many ways I seem normal. Idk I just let them think badly about me without explaining myself, cause I’m so ashamed to be ‘disabled’- maybe sounding like a ln unaccomplished weirdo is better. I’ve also given up on online dating. My last date kicked me out of his house after we hooked up, and before I left in the uber he said that he likes his current girlfriend (he’s in an open relationship) because ‘she finished school early and doesn’t depend on her family’. That was such a painful stab and I keep thinking about those words even 3 months later, and will possibly keep dwelling for quite a long time.

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  • 26 is no age, you still have plenty of time.

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  • 12 months ago

    Yes, you dwell too much and that lowers your self esteem. You have been very successful in your life against all the odds so you should really be proud of yourself. People close to you who you trust as friends could be told that you have slight Aspergers Syndrome. You could join a group of others with the same disability who understand your feelings a lot better than others. Online dating is opening yourself up to strangers. I think you should stick to friends you make yourself along the way rather than faceless people over a computer link.

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  • martin
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    Going through a traumatic experience with a selfish, inconsiderate person can leave you in a state of anger for many years. However, this happens to many people so often that just about everyone is walking around with anger-producing memories of a conflict with someone. Despite Asperger's, you probably are a very kind and lovable person.

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