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Movie or TV show. A character monologues about his experience tagging body parts after Lockerbie disaster. Does anyone know what it's from?

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    Probably the tv show Fortitude about a murder at an arctic Norwegian city (basically Svalbard but they don't call it that). Stanley Tucci plays an American investigator with the British police who is brought in to investigate. During one conversation he explains that he originally came over to Britain as part of the FBI team investigating the Lockerbie bombing and ended up staying there.

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    I can't be positive, but it may have been the Paramount TV miniseries Waco. Michael Shannon plays FBI agent Gary Noesner, who was an investigator after the Lockerbie incident. I have a vague recollection of him monologuing about this at some point during the miniseries while comparing the situation to Waco, but can't pinpoint an exact episode when it happened.

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    Maybe from a series of "adverts" about various rescue personnel and public servants' experiences. I've seen several about a police officer, fireman and a coroner. They are about 4 to 6 minutes long with the person simply telling their story. The fireman talked about his first fatal road traffic accident, his first fatal house fire.

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