recurring nightmare game?

so i’ve had this recurring nightmare for a while , basically , a person messages you through a messaging app , whichever you have installed , it’s always a girl and they say they’re in trouble and they need your help , so if you reply , that’s how it starts. you basically started “the game”. she’ll be able to watch you through your device and explain to you that you’re now in her game , and asks you to trust her. it doesn’t matter what you say , she’ll get you anyway no matter what you choose. anyways , the game consists of these ‘riddles’? and has your whole family involved. i never really remember much but there’s always this one riddle about if you walk in a certain room you’ll see “her”. she asks if you do and if you say yes , she’ll make you follow her. i’ll explain more in a part 2 , this is just insanely long. this is a *real* nightmare.

1 Answer

  • 1 year ago

    Is she a zombie?

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