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Trump says Iran drowning US drone is a big mistake. How is that a mistake?

If a foreign drone enters your country's airspace you have every right to shoot it down.

If an Iranian drone enters America or Europe, will we keep quiet ?


* downing

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    First off, when he says "its a mistake", he means that he doesn't like another country standing up to the US, that is what he meant by those comments. A mistake means "a poor choice or judgement call", so he is correct in his own mind about the definition.

    Secondly, Trump is full of hot air here, per usual! This is the same clown that threatened to literally blow up NK 18 months ago if Kim Jung Un didn't agree to stop making nuclear weapons, its par for the course for Trump to behave like this. I find this is how he handles making deals, he starts at the extreme end making the most dire of threats, and then works his way down to the middle ground, I think he feels making these threats will get Iran to agree to drop its nuclear making capabilities.

    Thirdly, the US government (and I include past, current and future regimes) totally hypocrites! Its not ok for other countries to shoot down their jets/dromes etc over other countries airspace, yet had Iran flown a drome over the Whitehouse you better believe instantly it would be shot down.

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    It was in international airspace.

  • 6 months ago

    obama spent a lot of dollars on his iranian homies

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    It was not in Iranian territory

    It was an act of war

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    Who will profit from a war with Iran? Lying Trump owes Netanyahu and the Saudi Princes really big favors. They gave him and his family millions and even named a settlement in Jerusalem after Donald Trump called it "Trump Heights"!

    Clearly, Cadet bone Spurs is on a mission to start a war. Lying Donald has poked and prodded the Iranians since he took office--illegally.

    We don't even have a Secretary of Defence and Trump has never appointed one--that alone is a huge red flag.

    Iran isn't a third world country like Afghanistan, Syria, or Iraq. Iran has a powerful and well-trained military. In addition, they are oil rich meaning they have the money to spend on war.

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    a) We were in international air space and b) Iran wouldn't be able to get close enough to America or Europe in order to launch a drone. So your question is irrelevant.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Who to believe? If Iran was flying a drone that close to Israel, Israel would should it down and claim that they did so in Israeli waters. Iran will in turn claim it was in international waters. If I see armed thugs walking around the perimeter of my home, I am allowed to shoot them under "stand your ground laws"

    Want to avoid war, stay away from the country, want war just go ahead and declare it already. Thousands will die, but hey, that is what haters want...

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    6 months ago

    Hes just talking, he wont do anything, Trumps speech is just as harmless as his tweets

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    6 months ago

    And because they say that your Dumbass believes them

  • 6 months ago

    This is an act of war against America. Iran knowingly attacked one of our drones, and attacked international tankers.

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