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Should I text a guy first after a date? PLEASE HELP!!!?

This guy my friend knows said that I was very pretty and he wanted to ask me out, but was too scared to follow my Instagram. I followed him first and he later dmed me. We ended up making plans to meet up. The date went alright it was pretty awkward but that’s expected on a first date. He offered me a ride home but I politely declined and he said it was nice meeting me and I said it was nice meeting him too. I also said that he should text me and he said that he would. The date was two days ago and he hasn’t texted me. What should I do? P.S this guy is pretty shy and has never had a girlfriend.

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    He's probably confused. You denied the ride home, which he probably interpreted as you not being interested, and then asking him to text you, he probably assumed was just a pleasantry like "we should stay in touch," but not feel you are really into him. He probably doesn't want to invest more of his heart assuming you aren't really interested.

    If he is shy, you are probably going to have to be the one who makes the first move a few times along the way (not just insta). He is going to prefer clear signals, and even though you think you may be giving them, he will likely see other things as signals that may cancel them out (like you not wanting a ride), which will leave him in a perplexed state. You can't assume he will pick up on ques, and may have to be more direct until he gets to know you better.

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    Text him and tell him you had fun and see if he replies.

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    There should be no harm in you letting him know you were looking forward to his text and are disappointed you haven't heard from him.

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    He probably found out about your promiscuity and ax lovers and lost interest. probably feels really stupid if he paid for the date

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    naw you probably blew it dont waste your time best just go get a bottle of wine and a pint of ice cream and cry yourself to sleep with your cats.

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