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Is it true your weight can plateau from under eating but not fasting cause fasting can make u really skinny?

I got a Fitbit charge 2 and estimates calories burnt and idk if it’s accurate but I burn quite a bit close to 2000 and I’ve been going to the gym not seeing any weight loss also my energy is low sometimes but some days it’s high .. I eat a lot before my period but I would say I’ve been underrating for sure on some days I’ve been going to the gym ... however I don’t wanna start eating more than gain weight it will be hard to lose .. idk what to do at this point

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    Weight loss is 80% about your diet, 20% about exercise. Find a proven weight loss plan which works but doesn't starve you half to death. There is keto, paleo and atkins for a few examples, and information about these all over the internet. Plus there are a lot of facebook support groups out there too

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    Your body is a series of "feedback" systems. So, it tries to stay at the weight that is most comfortable for it, based on your lifestyle.

    This means that the body will often "plateau", despite what your calorific intake is. It takes a significant body change to break through (almost a "shock" treatment) to get to a new level.

    Note: this does NOT mean that the body stays at a constant weight or size -- just that the body regulates itself rather like a thermostat. If you change the level in the thermostat, the temperature range changes,

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