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how to record vhs to dvd?

I want to convert some vhs tapes to dvd and then make a video combining footage to make a compilation video. how to do this??

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  • hart
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    1 year ago

    On PC with mencoder

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    Dont convert to DVD then try to edit it, the quality will be awful. Either take your tapes to a place where they will put them on an external drive, or you can buy video capture devices that will do the job for you. once you have your video files on your computer you can edit them, and then if you really want to burn them to dvd. The quality isnt going to be great.

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    I use a VCR and a standalone DVD recorder.

    Connecting and operating the equipment according to the Owner's Manuals should get you started.

    There are things you will learn as you go.

    A full description of all I do when I copy something is Much too long to give here.

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    1 year ago

    There are services that do that. I believe Walmart or Walgreens does it if I remember correctly. Or there is a device you could buy to do it yourself. Look up VHS to DVD & that should help.

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  • If you have the equipment for playing VHS tapes, use a properly-equipped video capture card with a PC and the appropriate software.

    The $100+ versions of Nero and Roxio are good, but there are also programs from Cyberlink, Sony, and others well-worthy of consideration. If you'd rather try free stuff first, consider Ubuntu Studio and other open-source alternatives.

    Good luck.

  • 1 year ago

    Go to a specialist

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