Can anyone help me understand the last part of this aphorism? It's from Bruce Lee's "Striking Thoughts."?

I literally cannot comprehend the last part of this aphorism, and it's driving me nuts. I'm lost on the part where it says "it is called 'having no abode' to which any possible predications are applicable." Thank you if you can help!

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  • j153e
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    5 months ago
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    Either the ultimate transcends human understanding, or not.

    Given God-hypothesis, it does, as an ever-expanding Oneness. This is a basic, Jacob's-Ladder type of understanding enjoyed by many religious in many faiths. Each rung on the ladder is a distinct plane of awareness, thus those who are able to mark and trace their steps become aware of this infinitude at each step or plane of the Way. Advancing steps on the ladder also reveal more advanced beings (Saints, Angels, and so on). At each plane, expanding degrees of awareness of data interpretation are also available within that plane.

    Given a material universe based on no Creator--which is improbable due to questions about where Energy arises--there is a proven mathematical model which asserts analogous transcendence:

    The work of David Wolpert and his colleagues is very worthwhile as a study.

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