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Is the following a crime? (Canada)?

A friend of mine recently turned 20, buy he's been unemployed and living at home the past four years. He was under the impression that because he has not been earning any income (from the government or otherwise) that he did not have to go about filing taxes of any sort. Only now has he received a call stating that he must show up to court or go through the CRA to pay back several thousand dollars which he does not have as he's been unemployed. What's the best thing he can do about this?

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    If he owes them money, he must have earned money somehow. He needs to staighten it out with the CRA before court date and figure out a plan to pay them. Otherwise he is in big trouble.

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    Talk to the CRA. If they have flagged him, then he has to have had some kind of income. As such, he would have to have made some income tax payments and either directly or indirectly filed a tax return. Being unemployed does not always mean having no income -- benefits can be liable for tax!

    But, even with four years of back taxes, it's not likely to be thousands of dollars, unless his income was sizeable.

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    I seriously doubt this is the first he's been notified of the matter.

    Either he needs to get a lawyer or admit he was ignorant of the rules at court. Admit it basically.

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