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How can i protect this dress?

I am a 29 year old woman and it is my anniversary next week.

I am married to my wife and we have been together since 2009, married in 2015, it is the anniversary of the time we met.

I intend to cook my wife her favorite meal, also wear a nice dress, really planned a romantic meal.

However the problem is, Her favorite dish is very messy to make, lots of source and things that could splash and really make a mess of clothes, so how can i protect the dress i plan to wear, but also cook my wife's favorite meal?

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    Ever hear of an apron? Wear one and just be mindful.

    Good luck and happy anniversary.

  • 5 months ago

    get her a tommee tippee cup.

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    Although you already picked an answer, I have another suggestion for the future:

    There is a product called Scotch Guard. This is a spray you can apply to clothing to protect them from stains absorbing into the fabric. I use this spray often on the cuffs of my white shirts and on blouses that are easily stained. Scotch Guard is an amazing product that has so many uses. I even spray it on the section of my curtains that my hand has contact with when opening and closing the drapes.

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    the best thing would be to change-- but if that isn't an option, use something as an apron! it can be an apron of course, but on oversized t-shirt or a towel around the waist will help protect your outfit!

    (and as someone who's LGBT+, it was really nice to see this question <3)

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  • denise
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    5 months ago

    Why dont you cook dressed in your everyday clothes [with your best underwear on & jewellry on under apron], and perhaps your hair tied up. Then when she comes home, give her a nice drink, put on some music, for her to relax, then do a quick change & let your hair down e.t.c. Then serve up the meal in all your finery!. Have a good night.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Either wear a large apron OR don't wear the dress until after the meal is finished.

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