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How much does it cost to camp?

Just $100 for a tent?

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    That all depends on when and where you are going to camp. All the camping gear for winter costs more than a warm summer park or beach. If you are summer camping you can get a cheap sleeping bag for $40 or less, tent $50 or less (for one person) a LED lantern for $20 or less. Then you can avoid cooking gear and eat out of cans of food or MRE's (meals ready to eat. So if you do a web search such as Amazon you could get everything for under $200 including water containers, cooler, drinks and trail mix. But if you are camping in near temps near zero it can cost you up to $500 or more.

    Source(s): I have camped in temperatures from 48 below zero to 115F all over north america from Alaska to Panama for over 55 years and still camp in Alaska around bears and I'm nearing 70 years old. Do your research so its fun. Don't forget the bug spray!
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      If you want to go super cheap just use a tarp for a tent. Look up "making a tent from a tarp". I do that all the time with a space blanket under my sleeping bag. Works fine.

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    A complete set of backpacking gear that is high-quality and lightweight will cost around $2,000. Then, you add a car at $20,000 to $40,000. A campsite fee in a developed campground can be $50 per night, while dispersed camping in the backcountry is free once you hike there.

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    Homeless people by the thousands do it daily in every US State

    using found scrap synthetics for weatherization and cardboard

    layers for insulation. "A" framed construction over barbed wire

    fencing adds structured support where organics do not exist.

    Each US National Forest extent allows free use for 14 days

    before reader is obliged to move on to the next US National

    Forest. Make no permanent alterations, kill nothing without

    a permit in your keeping, and understand park rangers are

    authorized to act as armed peace officers to enforce rules.

    No tent can keep a camper alive in freezing weather. You

    need more insulation and increased nutrition to survive.

    Eskimo's have more than 30 words to describe all the

    winter white colors they have seen so go figure how

    many you've seen amid snow and ice.

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    National Forest the camping is FREE for 14 days then you got to move to a new spot 3 mile or more away. That's in America. Then there's food cost, fishing. etc. My tent cost $30 off the internet.

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