my child's daycare sends my baby home too much?

I've been struggling with my baby's daycare a bit. For the third time this month they have sent my baby home or said that he could not attend when he is completely fine. This last time I drove straight to the doctor's office and got a notice saying that my baby was not sick at all. They always say they were so concerned about him and needed a doctor's note but I feel like they send my kid home as quick as possible to have a lighter load at school. If he's a little tired, they need him to go home because he's "sick." This last time they said he had an eye infection and couldn't attend but there was absolutely nothing wrong with his eye, no pinkness, NOTHING I told the doctor and he said that my baby's eye was less pink than most healthy baby's issue at all. I took pictures to document it. I feel like they treat me like a child sometimes telling me when I need to take my baby to the doctor as if I wouldn't be able to determine it on my own. I feel judged by them. They think they should tell me how to parent him. I'm tired of going to the doctor when he doesn't need to go. What are my options? I just have to deal with it? or find a different preschool?

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  • 5 months ago
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    If you don't like the daycare, find a new one.

  • 5 months ago

    Find a new one.

    They clearly aren't taking their jobs seriously...

  • Robert
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    5 months ago

    Why don't you just find a new day care center if you have obvious troubles with this one?

    • Geneva5 months agoReport

      I'm considering that. Change is hard on kids though, I wish there was a way to improve the situation first but maybe that just isn't possible

  • 5 months ago

    Is he a troublemaker or no?

    • Geneva5 months agoReport

      He's 16 months old. He's still a baby. He can be a handful, he can be fussy at times for sure. He's busy, climbing on things etc

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