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Is the Philippines safe for a female solo traveller?

I'm planning to spend 3 days in Puerto Galera.

And then go to Manila for 4 days.

I'm concerned what if it isn't safe?

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    It's safe if you are smart. Don't be-friend anyone. Don't trust people you just met. Don't let someone you met on the jeep take you around or arrange travel. Use the hotels & legit businesses help your travels.

  • 9 months ago

    It's safe to travel solo in the Philippines. But use common sense to get recover from any inappropriate situation.

  • 10 months ago

    Be very careful use common sense and be cautious don’t walk alone at night go to busy areas malls restaurants

  • 11 months ago

    About the only big problem in the Philippines is poverty. With poverty comes theft. Filipinos are generally very peaceful and hate confrontation. You won't get robbed at gunpoint, you'll just get pick pocketed. That's usually the worst case scenario. They assume you can afford to lose items or money if you can afford to travel to their country. In that, even the thieves are kinda considerate. Filipinos mostly do not have a favorable opinion of their own country. This has some to do with why they can be so humble. They attack their own pride all the time, but in that, they are most proud of themselves. Very proud of the people, very disappointed if the organization. That's Filipinos

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  • 11 months ago

    you better take me with you as your bodyguard I have a black belt in crazy hahaha

    just kidding it dependence where u go but my X co worker there are from the philippines thy say not to go alone take some one who know the place and u should be fine even if u going to met a pan pal or bf or just a friend still take some one with you

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    1 year ago

    I had a chat with a lady who wanted assistance to go from one location to another.

    Google Earth let me denote the shortest route using public transportation and her

    time afoot. Relayed same to the Philippines And then told what she expected

    was a private vehicle to do her ride with no public road walking involved. That

    implied a solo female traveler familiar with the country wanted extraordinary

    services for ordinary activities. Go figure,

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Expect danger in Manila. I read before that a Finnish woman was tricked by Filipinas there who pretended to befriend her only to rob her belongings in the end. She was saved by a middle-aged Pinay, though. Also there was some white man who's been taken advantage in a sexual way while drunk after befriending a group of Pinoys in Manila (many exploitative Pinoys, especially poor people, love white-skinned people) Also, he got robbed after that.

    Even an ordinary Pinoy who is financially stable can be in danger whenever going around places in Manila and that is why their parents can't make them go out of their homes at all times. What more about the likes of you?

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    What do you mean by "safe"? Do you think people will just come up and attack you? Filipinos are very polite and friendly. Don't get drunk in bars and go home with strange men. Carry your money somewhere safe. You'll be fine.

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    i dont see why not, everyone else seerns to survive it there

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    Look out for thieves though. There are lots of poor people and if you are white or do not look like them, you really stand out, and people try to take your money or rob you wherever you go. They are friendly people, but there is a lot of dishonesty.

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