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Royal Ontario Museum or Ripley's Aquarium?

Planning a trip to Toronto. Only have 1 day - if I had to pick one, should I go to the Royal Ontario Museum or Ripley's Aquarium? Pros and cons of both?

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    5 months ago
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    I live fairly near Ontario, enough to get into Toronto once or twice a year.

    I've been to Ripley's once. It was enough and I have no desire to go back.

    I've been to the Royal Ontario at least seven or eight times. It's a much richer experience and you can't do it justice in a single visit. Pick two or three areas to concentrate on, based on your interests, and give them your time, leaving the rest for a future visit.

  • 4 months ago

    Ripley's is more fun.

    The ROM always has something interesting, but personally, I think Ripley's is more entertaining.

  • sam
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    5 months ago

    ROM has a lot more interesting things

  • 5 months ago

    Go to ROM. Get some culture.

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