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Does high functioning autism get better as you get older?

does high functioning autism symptoms get better and improve as you get older?

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    ...only if you start doing GAPS diet.

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    No, but the autistic individual can learn to modify his or her behaviour to mask the signs of autism and to impersonate non-autistic social behaviours.

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    It doesn't change. You may improve socially with behavior modification but when you get old, that's it. You can either be a sweet old puppy or a grumpy old man. The only thing that gets better is that as you get older, people will get more tolerant with you because of your age. Even normies behave that way.

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    I think this is so for many adults, but by "older" it may be a lot longer than you think. Temple Grandin is probably the best example. She's talked about how practice interacting with people has given better skills and how she doesn't need the squeeze-machine she invented to calm herself down anymore (or very rarely). My oldest friend didn't get her diagnosis until adulthood because it used to be assumed that girls couldn't be autistic (if you'd met her at 13 you'd know without a doubt that she was) and she's always struggled with reading people. We're both properly middle aged now and although I know she still struggles and chooses her interactions with great deliberation a stranger would not think she was weird. She's spent a long time studying the way people interact and is actually a team leader in her lab which is not something either of us would have predicted in our 20s when she just wanted to be left alone to do things her way. Temple Grandin has also spoken about how there isn't enough research into how people with high functioning autism develop in their 40s and 50s. I only have anecdotal experience based on a few friends with diagnosed ADS and a few others I've worked with but the 40s seem to be an important age where the ability to read other people and reliably predict their actions improves, though I suspect one needs to practice interaction and that it doesn't just happen at that age without stimuli.

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    I haven’t noticed too many changes in my son. He’s 14 and still obsesses over cars and bicycles. Once his conversations go down those roads it’s hard to get him to talk about anything else. School work is still impossible for him to want to do. Just today he had a temper tantrum over summer reading.

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    It can improve if you are high on the spectrum.

  • no they need to be put in a camp

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