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Do you think I have iron deficiency?

Everytime I stand up my vision goes black and I have to stand still for about 10-15 seconds for my balance and vision to be restored.

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    That's low blood pressure. Are you on any medications? Sometimes certain ones

    can cause it.

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    Blood Panels/ get lab results

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    5 months ago

    More likely low blood pressure

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    If this happens when you stand it could be hypotension which is blood pressure that is abnormally low. In some people, blood pressure drops when they rise from a horizontal position. In mild cases, it causes light-headedness.

    Severe hypotension leads to inadequate blood circulation and shock. There are several conditions that cause this such being dehydrated, blood loss from a hemorrhage, a heart defect, or Addison's disease.

    Another condition that causes the same symptoms, feeling dizzy and light-headed has nothing to do with blood pressure. That is an inner ear infection or an allergy that causes an ear infection.

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  • An iron deficiency makes you feel tired and lethargic all the time. It doesn't make you feel like that.

    I'm anemic, which means I'm very deficient in iron. If I don't take iron supplements, I feel like I have no energy.

    As said before it could be low blood pressure, but you would have to see your doctor and get a few blood tests done to be sure.

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    Go get your blood tested. Leave this to the pros , not YA amateur doctors

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    heard of a dr...…………………..

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    That sounds more like low blood pressure than an iron deficiency.

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