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How do women have babies?

Alright now that the title grabbed your attention, how do women with normal cycles have “whoopsie” babies? If they have normal cycles shouldn’t they know when they’re ovulating and which week to use a condom if they don’t want a baby? The whole thing of “getting pregnant at any point of the month” is that even true?

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    Most don't have normal cycles so they truly don't know when is the right time unless they are using ovulators that tell them when to have kids and stuff but most women dont buy those and dont give af so they have "woopsie babies"

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    to explain this , a man has sex with a woman , the sperm goes to the egg , the sperm fertalizes the egg , after a while the egg hatches into a baby , the baby stays in the uturus for a few months and eventully the baby goes out the virgina and is born.

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    Most people DON'T have 'normal cycles', they vary by days depending on stress, diet, overactivity and lack of sleep. Add in the amount of time live sperm stays viable and you've got probably a 2 week 'off' schedule.

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    Sperm can stay alive inside a woman waiting for an egg for 8 days waiting for an egg. There is no "time when you have to use a condom" you need to wear one ALL the time if you don't want to get a woman pregant. Anything else is just men whining they don't want to wear one because they think it doesn't feel as good that's how a lot of "whoopsie" babies happen because men are always trying to get out of wearing them which also leads to risk of disease.

    In addition a woman can be on the pill but if she gets diarrhea or vomiting the pill won't work. A stomach bug at any point in the cycle means the pill can get washed out and not work.

    Also tons of women have irregular and random cycles because of PCOS.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Ovulation can be early or late by several days during any cycle. Anyone who is only careful during the expected fertility window could have an accidental pregnancy because of that one unexpected early or late ovulation.

    Pregnancy can only happen when there is a live egg to be fertilized. The average woman only releases one egg per cycle and it is usually about 14 days before the next expected period. HOWEVER - that is only based on AVERAGES and any woman who wants to track ovulation as a method to reduce or increase the chances of pregnancy should be tracking real symptoms and BBT to have a better indication of when HER exact point of ovulation is likely to happen.

    Calendars and apps are only averages and not real time information.

  • God
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    Several reasons:

    1. You never know when ovulation happens. In theory, it can be any time.

    2. One of them really, really wants to fu ck. So they take the chance.

  • helene
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    5 months ago

    We're not machines. Things are not always the same, no matter how regular you might otherwise be.

    Your body is not going to send you an email to announce you'll be ovulating a week late this month.

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    5 months ago

    Yes, you can get pregnant at any point in the month. Girls have even gotten pregnant while they have their period.

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    OMG you certainly have a lot to learn.

    1) You can get pregnant at any time of your cycle, even during menstruation. Reproduction, as well as the human body do not follow a precise schedule. Do not EVER fall into the trap of trying to count the days until you get to your 'safe' days and think it is ok to have unprotected sex. There are NO safe days.

    2) There are no 'normal' cycles.

    3) There are NO perfect birth control methods with the exception of zero sex. And that also includes making out with your clothes on.

    4) Don't let your high school bestie fool you into thinking having sex standing up, pulling out or any other of the rediculous birth control tips she tells you fool you into thinking you will be safe. You won't. There is no 'just this one time'.

  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    sorne wornen rnight not be able to tell when they can get pregnant

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