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My glasses are so unattractive?

So I’m a 21 year old girl, I’ve had to wear glasses since I was 7. My eyesight is terrible I’m practically blind without them. My optician said I am unable to have contacts or lazer eye surgery cause my sights too bad. So I’m stuck with glasses forever. My problem is because my eyesight is so bad my lenses are really thick! So no matter what glasses I get they are always not very attractive. At the moment I just wear some oval rimless ones. I also get really bad acne aswell so I feel like I’m the ugly one out of all my beautifully perfect friends who don’t need glasses and have perfect skin! Why am I so unlucky?!

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    You need to get another opinion. It would be very unusual for contact lenses not to be an option to at least correct most of your refractive error. Laser surgery like LASIK does not work for high prescriptions but there are other options.

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    I would see a different optometrist for more than one opinion! If nothing else you might be able to get lenses that are thinner. It sucks to wear glasses but we need them to see and if people have a problem with them, they have problems! I wore only contacts for years and never wore glasses before that! Now I wear mostly glasses and I found that I like wearing glasses better than contacts!

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    Look up the bates method. Relax while doing the exercises and wear a weaker prescription than the one you need. Get a pair of old glasses with a previous prescription. But when you dont need your glasses take them off and relax. Do palming and look at far away objects even if they are blurry. You will work your eye muscles and it will improve over time. Relaxation is key. Remember that.

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    Try doing some volunteer work for a while. You may see yourself luckier than a lot of people.

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      How on Earth are they luckier than some people? They’re insecure and pretty much blind you horrible twàt.

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    How bad is your vision and how long ago did you talk to the optician about this? Contact lenses today can go much higher/lower than they used to before (I believe the Biofinity contacts can correct between -20.00 to +15.00), and while LASIK surgery can only correct so much, I know some who had had it done anyway, they still had to wear glasses afterwards, but not as strong ones = cheaper w. thinner glass.

    And while it's not frequently done, I believe there is an option of wearing both contacts and glasses.

    As for the acne, did you see a dermatologist?

    Source(s): Practically blind without my contact lenses as well.
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    Have a look online for natural vision improvement programs.

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    You shouldn’t call yourself ugly I mean its just glasses just put them on when you need them

    My wife always says that she’s ugly but I was always call her beautiful and she is no cares if your ugly or not it’s just your beliefs

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    You can ask for thin lens. It’ll cost you extra but it might be worth it if it’s lighter and give you more confidence.

    I knew a girl in high school who had thick lens but she managed to get around without wearing her glasses.

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