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How is the action of being guided called? For example by a teacher? The actual action of being taught and directed?

I've looked up that guidance means a bit different thing. At first, I wrote "I have a very good guidance" (meaning that I have a good teacher to guide me), then I realised that this word doesn't actually mean what I need. So, how is it called?

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Instructor, coach, trainer

  • Cara
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    5 months ago

    Training for most sports, including tennis, is given not by a teacher but by a coach. What they offer is not guidance, but coaching. "I have a very good coach" would be the usual way of expressing what you mean.

    • Cara
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      But you mentioned tennis. You don't have tennis teachers, you have tennis coaches. You could say "I have had some very good coaching." If you are talking about academic lessons, or music lessons, for example, you might talk about having had a good teacher, or good teaching.

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    By the way, your example sentence is incorrect. It should read "I have very good guidance", or, alternatively, "I have a very good guide."

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