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I'm going "caving" for a week getting my lightweight puffer jacket muddy...cave place will clean it...but...?

I'm going "caving" for a whole 7 day's an indoor cave, but, it's underground and the temp literally ranges from 32 degrees all the way to at least 80 degrees F, but, I have this lightweight jacket from Abercrombie I bought 3 of them for $29 on clearance a few weeks ago since it was the best deal and I think it's literally perfect for it, but, they said any jacket, pants, hats, gloves, etc will be extremely dirty from all the mud you'll be encountering throughout the cave, but, at the end of the cave tour (it goes from 6am to 10am), they will take all of our dirty/muddy clothing and will be washing and drying them for us. The only thing that I'm worried about is that my jacket is going to be getting shrunk since they will be washing and drying everything on the longest, hottest and most powerful cycle because they said it's the only way to make sure all the mud and dirt will be gone (they said that each family will share the same washer and dryer). They said washing will take around 3 hours and drying will take around 3 to 4 hours and they'll be calling us when the dryer has 30 minutes left so we can go back to get it.

What should I do? Should I go ahead and wear this lightweight puffer jacket since it's going to be both cold/wet in some parts and warm/wet in other parts of the cave? Do you think my jacket will shrink?!?!

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    Maybe just take the dirty jacket to a dry cleaners by yourself.

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    I personally would go straight to your local second hand store, Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc and buy some used clothes for this instead of taking a chance on ruining any good clothes.

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    Check your facts again. Of course, it's an "indoor" cave. By definition, it can't be outdoor and still be a cave. Or do you mean that the entrance is under cover? And there is no way that you can have an almost 50 degree temperature range. Once you get past the lighted zone, the temperature remains almost constant in a cave, at about the average temperature for the region.

    As far as a jacket goes, I suggest an old sweatshirt. Also, jeans and boots without tread. You shouldn't need cleats for a commercial cave and the tread picks up lots of cave mud. It gets heavy.

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    If this jacket is a ski type jacket it should not shrink. The company shouldn't wash it is hot water and dry it in a hot drier. but you should ask they. Considering what you paid for it I wouldn't be concerned even if it was destroyed.

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