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Why do LGBT'rs insist on changing the rules of English to match their snowflake's safe zones? Transsexual is a valid noun?


(also transexual)

Pronunciation /tranzˈsɛkʃʊəl/ /transˈsɛkʃʊəl/


1A person who emotionally and psychologically feels that they belong to the opposite sex.

‘a pre-operative male-to-female transsexual’

More example sentences

1.1A person who has undergone treatment in order to acquire the physical characteristics of the opposite sex.


Relating to a transsexual person.

‘transsexual fantasies’

Sorry snowflakes, but in English adjectives, nouns, and verbs quite easily are interchanged and WE'RE not going to change it just for you.

To Shuttle, A Shuttle, Shuttle Park

However, my fellow graduate students and I were not satisfied. So I concocted:

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

The syntax of the following sentence is close to the previous one:

Boston mice [that] Boston cats "Boston-chase" "Boston-eat" Boston cheese.

I.e., mice who are in Boston, and who are chased (in a way unique to Boston) by cats who are in Boston, eat (in a way unique to Boston) cheese that comes from Boston.

So, buffalo who live in Buffalo (e.g., at the Buffalo Zoo, which does, indeed, have buffalo), and who are buffaloed (in a way unique to Buffalo) by other buffalo from Buffalo, themselves buffalo (in the way unique to Buffalo) still other buffalo from Buffalo.

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    calicornia/lgbt pols intend to do away with 'manhole they all have OCTD

    leftism is a mental disorder next to got is ;ottoman' ,, turkey

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    how poetic . smoke some weed and drink wine

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    Do they I didn’t notice

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    Silence Mr. Troll... you know that using transsexual as a noun is offensive so shut it and serve it, you and your filth need to learn your place in this world. Below my foot.

    Source(s): me-woman who was born transsexual (post-op)
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    Put it on the republican platform.

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