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How did Alexander the Great Destroy Thebes?

Did he burn the city or did he ransack all the buildings and smash windows etc. I need this for my history speech!!!

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    Arrian and Diodorus say the city was burnt and even the foundation stone of building were removed so that the landscape resemble a grazing pasture with no evidence of a city ever having been there. 6,000 Thebans were killed in the siege and the remaining 30,000 were taken into slavery while the Makedonians only suffered a loss of 500.

    "Then indeed the Thebans, no longer defend-

    ing themselves, were slain, not so much by the Make-

    donians as by the Phokians, Plataeans and other

    Boeotians, who by indiscriminate slaughter vented their

    rage against them. Some were even attacked in the

    houses, having there turned to defend themselves from

    the enemy, and others were slain as they were suppli-

    cating the protection of the gods in the temples; not

    even the women and children being spared

    all the territory, except what was dedicated

    to the gods; and to sell into slavery the women and

    children, and as many of the males as survived, except

    those who were priests or priestesses, and those who

    were bound to Philip or Alexander by the ties of hospi-

    tality or had been public agents of the Makedonians. It

    is said that Alexander preserved the house and the

    descendants of Pindar the poet, out of respect for his

    memory. In addition to these things, the allies de-

    creed that Orkhomenus and Plataeae should be rebuilt

    and fortified."

    Most of Greece, particularly Thebes closest neighbors like Phokis and Plataea including Athens were pissed that Thebes had surrendered to the Persian over a century before and therefore allowed the destruction Athens. So a lot of the Theban destruction was vengeance driven. However the Athenians did feel bad about it afterwards, knowing what it was like to have their city destroyed, and some of the prominent Thebans found refuge in that city to the south.

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    He burned the city to the ground.

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    With fire and brimstone

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    Alexander punished the Thebans severely for their rebellion. Wishing to send a message to the other Greek states, he had the 30,000 Thebans not killed in the fighting sold into slavery. The city itself was burnt to the ground, with the exception only of the house of Pindar, which Alexander ordered be left intact out of gratitude for Pindar's verses praising Alexander's ancestor, Alexander I of Macedon.

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