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Do I have to be present in court to do my own adult name change?


In Illinois, you have to file your papers with your court date set, then publish your name change announcement in the newspaper for 3 weeks, then wait another 3 weeks until my court date. The only issue is that I'll be off at college for the first available court date. My college is far away and too expensive to come back for the court date. I also don't know when I'll be home next. Do I have to be present for my court date, or can my witness represent me? Or do I need a lawyer to represent me?

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    In my state, you can appear or a lawyer can appear on your behalf.

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    You can just see a lawyer or go online there are online people who can do it for you for a smalll fee, it is called "deedpoll" when yu change your surname,you do not need to go to court, you can only do this when you are 18 or over.

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    Yes, you have to go before the judge, it is an actual legal proceeding

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      I know I have to go before the judge, I'm really wondering if I can have my witness or lawyer represent me if I can't be there.

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