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Is loving your country the same as loving the government?

Or, is it more like loving the people who make up the country?

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    Loving one's country has never been about loving the government. When I think of America, I don't think about the government, but the people, the land, the good things we do, and our accomplishments.

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  • 6 months ago

    Two word answer... HELL NO! To expand on that; I've always loved my country. I wouldn't live anywhere but in the USA. But there's been numerous times I've disagreed with the government. Maybe now more than ever. Seems as though everyone in the federal government is either far right or far left. And neither side knows what it's like to be a common working man or woman anymore. There's no "middle ground". Christ, how I miss John F. Kennedy. Yes...I'm old.

    Twice in my life I've walked into a voting booth & wrote in a candidate for POTUS - because I didn't care for either the Democrat or the Republican running for office. Wanna know who I wrote in?

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