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Why are people here so petty?

Like correcting simple grammar, spelling, syntactic, etc errors? Not like it is a important document or it is even that messed up. You can read it and understand it so what does it really matter. People make mistakes.

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  • Ramona
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    5 months ago
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    Hun, if it weren't your grammar they are correcting, they'd be correcting you on something else. That's how most people are in life.

    Sometimes people have absolutely nothing going on for themselves other than their education so they ram it down everyone's throats in order to show the world that they are not losers. But does perfect grammar make you top-notch? I don't think so!

    So work on not getting annoyed by these people. I feel like when people use you as a step ladder to get seen, it shows a lot more about their mal-character and they should be pittied.

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      Romona is petty petty petty

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Entitled narcissistic bullies

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    Just part of the service. I never bother pointing out something that's obviously just a typo, but if someone makes a bad mistake I point it out briefly in a Comment. What you do with my correction is up to you. Learn from it, or ignore it: entirely your choice.

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  • 5 months ago

    That's the world for ya

  • 5 months ago

    the net brings out a billion people 14-80 years old,shopping recounting classroom experiences,questions from a to z,in 30 languages,misspellings abound,it is wallpaper and art,,all every variety,,english? college grads

    & beyond do this stuff all the time,education notwithstanding,expediate, ( wrong,it is 'expedite') ,excetera,nucyuh ler,as per,true facts true history,past history,prior plans,prior history,future plans,various and sundry,excape,point n time,genral consensus,concensus of opinion,genril consensus of opinion. ( 'gen/rll' that is how bad word raconteurs make it sound) ,outer perimeter, loose lose,lossed lost,choose chose,,preboard prepay prequalify,prepay,preorder,preregister,regester, we'll,well,your,you're , would of,libary, to,too close proximity,general consensus,disorientating,nope nope,,origination,,nope,, word is origin,another couple, masonary,,as in bricklaying,,it is'masonry' not 'masonary'promissary,,as in 'promissary' note,,wrong,,it is promissory,,'promissory note'

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    When someone posts on the education board, it's a safe assumption that they are interested in doing well in school. Some people are just trying to help you. If you don't know enough to make your questions correct, you probably won't write correctly on your school work, either. One expert said, "You don't necessarily need grammar to be understood. You do need grammar to be respected."

  • 5 months ago

    There is a significant sub-population of people that are petty, no matter what subject we are talking about (just different people for different subjects, but always some people for any subject), so when you dive into an open forum, the odds are high that someone will be upset by what you say or do, and will let you know. And even people who are not usually uptight can be uptight once in a while, so add that in to the odds.

    If you post onto a language-grammar type of section (like this one), that just increases the odds with respect to word and word usage.

    The answer to the question is that it is not confined to "here". It is the way people are, and the internet brings us all into contact when we normally never would.

  • Sandy
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    5 months ago

    it's obvious you don't read. many people here do read and it's annoying to read badly written questions. there's a spell check in the box, so there's no reason for people to be so illiterate, unless they didn't pay attention in English class.

  • 5 months ago

    I believe in most cases people do it as a form of criticism just like any other. By pointing out others flaws they believe they are superior intellectually. In other instances, their criticisms are intended to make them feel morally superior to those that they criticize.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Because they think their high and mighty intellectuals

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