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How to trap bunny in bucket?

The question may sound odd, but I have bunnies that keep falling into my windowsill, and the only way to “free” them is to open the window to my room and try to get them to jump into a large plastic container, of which I then have to hope that I can put the lid on quick enough so they don’t jump out. This time, however, I was not able to do this successfully, and was also not able to scoop up the bunny before it hid itself behind my dresser. I’ve looked up how to get a bunny back in it’s cage, but these all assume that you own the bunny and you have bunny food/treats. Does anyone know how to properly handle this situation? For instance, should I wear gloves? Should I try to bait it out? Is there a natural food that they like that could bait them into the container?

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    Well, this was quite the day. I literally had no idea where the bunny was, so I just closed off my room for a while and put some greens in a container just to see if he was hungry. He never touched them. I left my room door open just to see if he would be located by the cat (no I did not leave them alone whenever the cat found the bunny I IMMEDIATELY went to get the cat away). Eventually I located where he was hiding, and at one point he actually came out and fell asleep. I simply walked up to him, put the container over his head, and slowly worked the lid under the container. After slowly turning the container upright, I was able to contact animal control and they delivered him to a nearby forested area. Thanks for all the help everyone ;) And just to set something straight my windowsill is halfway above the floor, so it would have been difficult to let the bunny back through it. But the windowsill is about 5 feet tall, too tall for me to get down or for him to get up.

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    Wear gloves so if the rabbits bites you it won't draw blood. I would just try a few carrots or greens to lure out the rabbit. You can set up a box with a small hole in the side and bait the trap (have the top closed. When the rabbit goes in there, then pick up the box and cover the hole and take the rabbit outside.

    Rabbits will not go in a bucket.

    And put some kind of screening on the outside of the window sill to prevent the rabbits from falling in there.

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    Why don't you put a slanted board in the windowsill so they can get out on their own?

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    Call animal control for your county. They may have to bait a live trap. Also, cover the window well. It is pretty common for bunnies, fox kitts, etc. to fall or even be placed in window wells by their mothers. The way to stop this from happening to is cover the well. Also, putting a plan of wood down into the well gives them an exit -- don't bring wild animals into your bedroom.

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  • 5 months ago

    If you leave it alone it should eventually come out by itself, dont be afraid of it most rabbits do not bite so you could pick it up carefully

  • 5 months ago

    If it’s a feral/ wild rabbit, I don’t think you’ll be able to lure it into the bucket.

    Throw a box over it, slide a piece of cardboard under that, and boom. You’ve got a rabbit.

  • Gabe
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    Cruel. Just plain cruel. How would you like to be "trapped" in a "bucket"

    • Lake5 months agoReport

      And it’s not like I’m keeping him in there, it is a container large enough to hold around five dictionaries side by side, and I will immediately bring him outside and release him back into the wild.

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