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How to prepare for college?

I want to pursue the career of musical theatre. How can I do that?

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    Have fun now learning and growing as an actor and performer. Take acting classes. Voice lessons and dancing classes can be fun too. Audition for what you can - school plays, community theater, church shows, etc. Join a drama club and compete in forensic speech/drama classes. Join other performance groups like a choir, band, dance troupe, improv group - whatever. Read plays and scripts of all kinds keeping an eye out for characters you love and monologues you want to develop and embrace learning of all kinds.

    Look into getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts or Master of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theater. Its not required for a professional career, but it's something you should consider. And if you don't get a degree you do need to get quality training from respected instructors. Where you study and who you study with matters, not only to improve your skills but one way to start to network and make industry connections. And training is not some hoop to jump through. Many actors continue to get training throughout their career.

    Since you're interested in a professional career you may want to research to get a realistic understanding of what that involves. It's not going to a bunch of auditions hoping to get a job - it's running a business. That means you have to understand things like agents, unions, contracts, taxes, marketing and networking Scams and rip offs prey on wannabe actors who have some fantasy about being "discovered" and don't understand how the business really works.. Industry websites like Backstage have helpful articles.

    With training, experience and a realistic understanding of the industry you can determine if attempting a professional career really is for you.

    Good luck!

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    To get anywhere in professional MT you'd need to have been training at a very high level in acting, dancing and singing from a very early age. Most performers start at the age of around six.

    So to prepare for a degree-level course in MT, you should already be at a very high standard in all three disciplines and getting loads of experience.

    You should also get qualifications for an interesting, well-paid ordinary job as well. Very few performers will ever get more than maybe ten days' paid stage/TV/film work a year so you'll need a way to earn a living!

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    Start by not asking daft questions on Yahoo Answers, of all places. Oh. You have.......

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    Practice on what you have to do in order to succeed

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    Perform as much as possible during High School. Get on stage singing roles and whenever possible work behind the scenes on props, makeup, sets and production. This gives you a good basis in all aspects of Music theater.

    find a good college/university with a Musical theater degree. NOT just a Theater Degree and Music degree. Music theater is different than to two degrees separately.

    NOW, it is important to have a "fall back" such as a minor in accounting. Music theater jobs are not full time nor permanent and you will end up with long stretches between jobs. A good minor in a good paying field will give you a way to make money while waiting for that next role.

    Lastly, plan to move to an area of heavy music theater (such as New York) to find opportunities to work.

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