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I got lasik about 5 weeks ago. The surgeon told me he could do contoura vision in one eye, but the other eye had to do wavefront optimized?

Had to do wavefront optimized because he said i had an old scar on my cornea and they could not get an accurate reading.

So in the eye that got contoura i have minimal glare, but in the wavefront optimized i notice that the light has like a streak through it. and it appears smeared. i am one month post should i be nervous? Surgeon told me i am still early in healing. when i asked if the glare, smeared look, streak, etc would go away? he said It goes away in most people and it might. should i be concerned i didn t get a straight answer and that its 5 weeks post op and still have it? contoura vision is supposed to eliminate risks of this and it did its job lol but now im second guessing myself bec i could have done Custom vue Idesign or SMILE... at a diff clinic.

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  • 5 months ago

    We don't know. What should you do if you made the very best choice possible? Wait and see if it gets better. What should you do if there was a better choice that you missed? Wait and see if it gets better. It sounds like they were dealing with a less than perfect cornea and you have less than perfect results now. Probably a valid question to ask is if the vision problems that you are experiencing are due to residual refractive error that could be handled with an enhancement or are due to the imperfect optic that come with the type of procedure that had. There is a time limit on how long the flap can be lifted and your eye retreated.

    • David E
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      There is a limit to how long they can lift the flap. The laser center that I work with won't do LASIK enhancements if they can't lift the flap. They just do PRK.

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