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Should I chase my Rap dreams or chase my fathers Architecture dream he has for me?

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    Chase the architectural course. You can do the rapping in the weekends as gigs and in the school holidays to keep up with it. It is great to have something to back you up when your music career doesn’t go to,plan, or when times are quiet. You may even decide to do the rapping as a hobby rather than a career if you feel that it is not taking off as you expected. At least you didn’t waist your time and you will have a decent income. You are young and you will be able to do it. Time flies and before yo7 know it you could have both and enjoy it .

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    Taking the course would give you more stuff to rap about. Grist for the mill. Help you if you don't make it. Eminem worked as a short order cook until he blew. Unless you hate architecture.

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    You could do both simultaneously. I think it's best to get your degree for architecture and then tend to focus on your rap career because if it fails, you'll have someone to fall on.

  • Make decent rap then we'll see

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    Do you know anything about the Bauhaus, Post Modernist, Prairie Style, Unsonian, or any other movement? Do you know who Phillip Johnson, Walter Gropius, or Frank Lloyd Wright were? If the answer is yes, then go for architecture. If the answer is no then pursue a career in Rap and die young in another drug related shooting.

    • being a rapper does not mean that you're into doing drugs, or selling illegal contraband. what you said was very ignorant, in my opinion.

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    You're too immature sorry bro

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    Continue with rap, but maybe try and get another qualification as well, in case you need to support yourself while you are trying to get off your feet. That way, you get the best of both, you aren't giving up on your dream, but you are also preparing for the future, in case your dream doesn't work out as well as it should. :)

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    5 months ago

    Your father's dream. Or be a rockstar. Who needs more of that Rap ****

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      Fans of rap need more of that rap ****.

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