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When should I gift my friend his dressing gown, pyjamas and steaming pot?

I’ve saved him from depression and bought him clothes and given him food, saying they were ‘early birthday and Christmas gifts.’ He’s told me not to give him anything else until next year. However, I know he desperately needs but can’t afford a good dressing gown and two pairs of pyjamas for winter. I can afford them. I’ve ordered one pair. Should I order a second pair and a dressing gown too; and a steamer and save them? Or should I wait until next year to buy them?

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    try respecting his wishes. Though you clearly are having too much fun helping him and dressing him and providing for him to live like YOU want him to. He's not your toy doll.... and he's told you not to buy him anything else. For at least the next 5 months.

    Lots of people don't wear dressing gowns and pj's. They wear their clothing and then they take their clothing off. That's as normal as not.

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      I've also wrestled with keeping a close friend alive for years through her destructive mental illness. Years of all I had to give anytime anywhere. It worked until it didn't.

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