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What does obese contour mean?

I had my physical the other day and my doctor had me lie on my back and she felt around my stomach. She pushed on my stomach and said to herself "obese contour" and that was in the exam summary as well. Does that mean I'm obese? I'm 5'5" and 185 pounds so I'm not thin but I'm not obese either. Does it mean something is wrong with my stomach?

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    Under recent standards you are obese. Her observation was that you are carrying your weight in your stomach region so that your stomach protrudes.

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    It means that you are obese (and you look it).

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    185 pounds is high for your height. It is obesity.

    Source(s): I'm a Dietitian
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    Yes, the doctor determined that you're obese. Contour means an outline, especially of a curving or irregular figure. If you're a female, your ideal weight would be 127, which is nearly 60 pounds lighter than you are now. If you're a male, 136 would be your ideal weight, still a difference of about 50 pounds. You're more than "not thin."

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    Im sorry i know what if feels to be a short man 5ft5 suffering from depression and thats why you eat so much because your are lonely

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    Yes it means you are obese and you should do something about it, doctor also means you have a lot of internal fat around your internal organs

  • Anonymous
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    you are well into the morbidly obese range .

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